Game Cancellation Policy

While HMSA will attempt to play all scheduled games, there is always the possibility that games will be cancelled due to inclement weather.  Due to the short length of the season, cancelled games will not be rescheduled unless time permits.


In the event of rain beginning prior to 5pm the league President and Vice-President will visit the fields to decide if games will need to be cancelled due to safety concerns.  If the fields are deemed safe, games will proceed as scheduled, even if it is still raining.  If the fields are deemed unsafe and games are to be cancelled, the following actions will be taken:

  1. The President will contact the Umpire-in-Chief or the Assistant Umpire-In-Chief no later than 5:00 in order to allow time for the scheduled umpires to be contacted.
  2. The Registrar/Website Designer will update the cancellations section of the website no later than 5:30.
  3. The Vice-President will contact the convenors no later than 5:00 to allow time for the convenors to contact their coaches
  4. The convenors will then contact their coaches no later than 5:30 to allow time for the coaches to contact their players
  5. The coaches will then contact their players no later than 5:30


In the event of rain beginning while games are in progress the umpire (or the convenor in divisions without umpires) will decide if the game needs to be delayed.  If fields are deemed safe, the game will continue.  If there is a safety concern, the umpire will call a delay of game in 15 minute increments to allow the rain to subside.  If the rain continues longer than 30 minutes, the game will be cancelled.


If lightning is detected by the umpire, all games will be called immediately.  Families are encouraged to pack up quickly and head for their vehicles.  These games will not resume.


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