Constitution / By-Laws

(September 2018)


Article I

This organization shall be known as "Hespeler Minor Softball Association Incorporated”.

Article 2

The objectives of the Association are:

to promote and encourage good citizenship among the members of the Association.

to establish, maintain, conduct and promote among the members of the Association and others an active interest in softball for ages 6th year through 19th year as of December 31st of previous calendar year.

Article 3

The operations of the Association are mainly carried on in the city of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.





  1. The following shall be members of the Association:
    1. any parent or guardian of any player.
    2. any person over the age of 18 who is actively involved in the general work of the Association.
  2.  Every member shall uphold the Constitution and comply with the By-Laws, rules and regulations. 
  3. A person shall cease to be a member of the Association:
    1. by delivering a resignation in writing to the secretary of the Association, or
    2. on his/her death or
    3. on being expelled.

4. A member may, at the discretion of the Executive, cease to be a member of the Hespeler Minor Softball Association upon notification from the Executive for conduct deemed to be improper, unbecoming or likely to endanger the interest or reputation of the Association, or who willfully commits a breach of the Constitution of By-Laws of the Association.


Player Registration Fees

  1. Registration fees shall be set by the Executive and advertised accordingly prior to registration.
  2. The Executive Committee shall have discretionary power to waive full or partial registration fees in exceptional circumstances.


  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held on or before July 1. Notice of the Annual General Meeting or an Emergency General Meeting shall be announced and advertised in the local media at least seven (7) days prior to the date of such meeting.
    1. Following the Annual General Meeting, any updates or changes to the constitution and by-laws take effect immediately and a written update must be completed to the board binder within 60 days of the meeting
    2. Any change in roles required as an Emergency General Meeting due to exceptional circumstances take effect immediately
  2. Executive Committee meetings hall be held monthly and at the call of the President from September to June. 
  3. A quorum for Executive meetings shall consist of fifty percent plus one (9) of the Executive and quorum at the Annual General Meeting or General Meeting shall consist often (10) members of the Association.
  4. The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be:
    1. reading of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and action therein
    2. treasurers report
    3. committee reports
    4. unfinished business
    5. election of Officers
    6. new business
    7. amendments to the Constitution
    8. adjournment


  1. At the Annual General Meeting and all General Meetings of the Association, every member present is entitled to one vote. Proxy votes shall not be permitted.
  2. The President shall have a one additional casting vote in the event of a tie. 
  3. At all meetings of the Association, voting shall be decided by a show of hands unless the meeting decided on a ballot. 
  4. Decisions shall be by majority votes cast, except as otherwise provided by the By-laws.

 The Officers, Duties and Powers

  1.  The Officers of the Association shall be: the Immediate Past President, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Special Events Coordinator, Registration Coordinator, Sponsorship Coordinator, Field and Equipment Coordinator, Umpire-in-Chief and Division Convenors. 
  2. The Officers of the Association shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting unless under extenuating circumstances and appointment has become necessary.
  3. The Immediate Past President shall only be a position on the Executive when there is a newly elected President at the Annual General Meeting
  4. Nominations for the various Offices of the Association may be made from the floor of the Annual General Meeting or can be submitted in writing from a member in good standing. Nominees wishing to stand for election who are not in attendance must submit in writing their intent to do so and have it presented by a member of the Association in good standing. 
  5. A Rules Committee shall be selected at the first Executive Meeting held in September and will be chaired by the Umpire-in-Chief and be accountable to the Executive. 
  6. Two non-voting Directors shall be appointed by the Executive to attend meetings and assist with various duties as required. 
  7. Convenors shall be appointed by Vice President/Convenor-In-Chief. 
  8. There shall not be any more than 1 immediate relative in a position with signing authority at any given time (President, Vice president, Secretary/Treasurer) 
  9. There shall be no more than two immediate relatives on the board at any given time. Both individuals are entitled to voting rights if their position includes as such. 
  10. No two family members on the board will be responsible for the handling of cash, floats, or fundraising funds at any time. All cash, floats, and fundraising amounts should be double counted by a minimum of two unrelated members of the executive board. 
  11. The positions of President and Vice President may only be occupied by members who have served a minimum of one term in another executive member position. The exception would be in extreme circumstances where a previous member is not available or willing to occupy the position. 
  12. The President and Vice President should not both step down or resign in the same year 
  13. Following elections and appointment of positions at the Annual General Meeting each year, the newly elected Executive Members will take their position 14 days following the end of the season.

Duties of Elected Officers


  • An organizer
  • Sees other position duties are carried out on time
  • Coordinates with the city/league le: diamonds
  • Generally helps all others in completing of tasks
  • Calls and runs monthly meetings from October to July
  • Must accept complaints and suggestions: discuss with other executive; votes in case of tie
  • Be available to all executive and convenors
  • Be a signing officer on all bank accounts
  • Orders medals


  • Runs monthly meetings in President’s absence
  • Organizes convenors through season and playoff weekend
  • Be available to all convenors
  • Assist President in making sure deadlines are met in other positions
  • Helping anyone in executive position complete the task if necessary i.e.: registration, organize fields for convenors with city, cheque collection for sponsorship, special events bookings, fields and equipment with shirts and medals
  •  In general be a “Jack of all trades”
  • Be a signing officer on all bank accounts


  • Record all executive meetings minutes and prepare in a log book
  • Report financial status of organization
  • Be signing authority on all banks accounts
  • Pay all bills (with Executive approval)
  • Prepare all Bingo and Grant applications and reports to the city
  • Balance all bank statements
  • Orders St. John Ambulance for playoff weekend
  • Co-ordinates with City any keys required


  • Forms: printed and distributed
  • Work schedules for registration days
  • Accumulates registration by level for distribution to convenors
  • Late corners after cut off to convenors
  • Must help set limits on levels as per number of children with executive
  • Help with any fundraising events done through registration


  • Send a Letter of request March 1 to last year and new sponsors
  • Follow-up in March; direct contact with Secretary/Treasurer
  • Once commitments given an invoice is sent to anyone not paid
  • Receives three quotes and orders uniforms
  • Delivers team photo and team sponsor shirt to all paid sponsors and collects unpaid sponsors at that time (if-necessary)


  • Team pictures
  • Publicize all notices to parents
  • Fundraising
  • Organize food for ball weekend (including letting city know all about events)
  • Co-ordinate Coaches’ Night if decided by Executive


  • Inventory equipment
  • Make up logs for all levels based on previous year
  • Get equipment repaired and gets three quotes on all new equipment purchases
  • Has bags ready to go for distribution to convenors and/or coaches
  • Orders new equipment needed and approved by Executive
  • Update trophies at end of season
  • Collects equipment and takes to storage

Duties of Appointed Positions:


  • schedule personnel and operate Bingos with Secretary/Treasurer
  • run yearly raffles

 UMPIRE IN CHIEF (Appointed by the Executive):

  • Organizes umpires to umpire through season and playoff weekend
  • Organizes a clinic for umpires and coaches to better understand the league rules upon approval of the Executive


  • Attend meetings
  • Be available to executive to assist if any area as requested.


  • After registration; receive forms, sorts and sets up teams and players
  • Calls coaches and assigns teams to coaches
  • Calls coaches meeting and goes over the rules
  • Is present at all games played or sends alternate (making sure that President is aware of alternate)
  • Relays problems to Executive - equipment, rules and other
  • Set up team play schedules for season and final weekend


Executive Committee meetings shall be held monthly and at the call of the President

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