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After two seasons of empty diamonds and two seasons of uncertainty and doubt, we are excited to announce that Hespeler Minor Softball is back and ready to go for 2022.  Re-energized with our new partnership with Cambridge Minor Softball, we are better prepared and equipped to take on any future challenges. 

Online Registration will begin by mid January for the divisions listed above.  As I’m sure you are, we are also very eager to get back on the field and get our kids moving once again.

Some of you may have questions so I encourage you to reach out to me at either president@hmsoftball.com or president@cambridgeminorsoftball.ca

Craig Hillis


Hespeler Minor Softball Association

101 Holiday Inn Drive

PO Box 29071

Cambridge, Ontario N3C 0E6



Our Organization

Welcome to the Hespeler Minor Softball Association (HMSA).

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all current, returning, and prospective players and their families.  As a not-for-profit organization, the mission of HMSA is to promote and encourage good citizenship among the players of the Association.  We strive to establish and promote an active interest in softball for ages 3 through to 18 regardless of ability.  Our league encourages sportsmanship and fun for all divisions while teaching players technical softball skills and the rules of the game.  With the commitment of the players, families and volunteers, we are certain you will have a terrific season!

Division Expectations & Objectives

Under 4 Division

Under 4 Division Birth years 2017, 2018

Monday and Wednesday

Hespeler Public School

Our U4 division previously known as Blast ball is geared towards young children aged 3-4 years. This is a unique and fun introduction to the sport of softball for boys and girls alike. The emphasis of this division is FUN while providing an entry to social sport and equipping players with the basic skills needed to play softball.

This program incorporates the distinctive first base that “honks” when players jump on it. The focus is on simplicity and enjoyment to promote the retention of young players in the game. Players learn to hit a ball off the tee and take turns throwing to a single base position. Each game night includes a combination of a practice comprised of fun and exciting drills and games and 2 full innings. In each inning each team bats the full batting order and fields twice. There is no score kept in this division. Teams are kept small to ensure maximum effectiveness and maintain attention. There are no formal positions, so kids get a chance to catch and throw regularly throughout the game. In this safe division the players play with a foam bat and ball and learn the fundamentals of running, throwing, catching, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

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Under 7 Division

Under 7 Division Birth Years 2015, 2016

Tuesday and Thursday

Hespeler Public School

Our U7 division previously known as T-ball is an learn to play initiation program. The emphasis of this program is a fun, active, positive environment with progressive introduction to the game of softball for boys and girls. In this division, coaches will work will players to develop an interest in the game while providing an overview of the fundamental skills such as hitting off a tee, basic field positions, throwing, catching, and fielding.

This program uses a smaller, softer softball to accommodate the needs of our younger players. All players are involved throughout each session. Each game night includes a combination of a practice where players participate as a team in fun softball drills and a game. The game is comprised of 4 full innings. The season includes progressive game play where outs are introduced in preparation for the U9 division, however no scores are kept in this division. Players rotate fielding positions in each inning and each game with equal game play and no assigned positions. This provides the opportunity for all players to remain active throughout the game while learning the different positions. Players get equal turns at bat and the batting order will change each game. The fundamentals of focus in this division are running, throwing, catching, fielding, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

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Under 9 Division

Under 9 Division Birth Years 2013, 2014

Mondays and Wednesdays

Our U9 division previously known as 3 pitch is the next progression in our learn to play program which is geared towards 7-8 year old’s.

This division, players are encouraged to hit live balls rather than from a stationary tee. Our coaches begin to pitch in this progression prior to 'player pitch' to ensure a safe and constructive transition. Most of the softball rules are applicable to this division with some minor alterations made to accommodate the ages and abilities of the players. The primary gold of U9 is to teach players proper techniques when throwing a ball throwing, the logistic of each field position, and fundamentals of hitting a pitched ball. Score is kept in this non-competitive division with the focus remaining on progressive learning of the game and FUN.

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Under 11 Division

Under 11 Division Birth Years 2011, 2012

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Our U11division, previously known as atom, is geared towards players who are moving up from 3 pitch and/or players who have little experience with the game of softball.

Players will focus on continuing to learn and develop their knowledge and fundamental softball skills including throwing, catching, fielding, running, and game play. The coach’s focus in this division is to ensure players have time dedicated to learning proper hitting and throwing techniques. Player led pitching is introduced. So, players continue to hit live balls pitched from the opposing team instead of the coach. All players will have the opportunity to try the pitching position. Stealing and bunting are new skills introduced. Scores are kept and play is semi-competitive with players pitching to the opposing team. There is an umpire present at each game, however the focus is still on fun, building friendships, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment.


Under 13

Under 13 Birth Years 2009, 2010

Victoria Park and Others

Our U13 division, previously known as junior, is geared towards players who have achieved the knowledge and understanding of the game as well as some of the applicable skills and techniques.

While very comparable to the U11 level, this division is intended for players who have familiarity and some experience with the game while new players of this age bracket are also welcome.  Coaches in this division will be building and strengthening the skills learned in U11. Game play and the principals of strategic ball play will be introduced into games and practices. Players will be given guidance in proper sliding techniques. This division is introducing players into a more competitive level of softball.   Scores will be kept, and an umpire will be at each game.



Under 15

Under 15 Birth Years 2007, 2008

Victoria Park and Others

Our U15 division, previously known as bantam, is geared towards players who have a full knowledge and understanding of the game as well as interest and experience playing.

Coaches at this level of play will work on honing specific skills versus teaching fundamentals. Game play will be strategic, and players will have an opportunity to focus on positions of their strength. Players will enhance their game to a new level of strategic play. This division is fully competitive and has a focus on a higher level of play and fielding positions.


Under 17

Under 17 Birth Years 2004, 2005, 2006

Victoria Park and Others

Our U17 division, previously known as senior, is geared towards teenagers and young adult youth who are interested in continuing in a fully competitive division promoting their ongoing love of the sport prior to entering an adult league.

Game play will be like that of the U15 division, where coaches will focus on honing specific skills unique to individual players. Game play will be strategic and focus on each player’s strengths. The intention is to allow this as a bridge to individuals interested in continuing in the sport of softball as young adults.


Hespeler minor softball is a partner with the Cambridge Gaming Association


HMSA is grateful for all the support we have received from @cambridgegamingcentre over the years. Please check out www.cgcgood.com to read how other community organizations have been supported through charitable gaming.

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